Cats Need Love Too!

I have found that a lot of pet parents feel that kitty fur babies are much easier to have as a furry household member because of their independence. However; our kitties relay on their pet parents to provide food, shelter, vet visits for vaccinations, a clean litter box and most importantly Play time and LOVE!

There is a misunderstanding that cats can be left for longer periods of time with no human interaction. This is just simply untrue. Cats are generally good to be left on their own up to 48 hours. Once the 48 hours have passed you will probably have an unhappy feline to come home to.

Pet parents often spoil their kitty fur babies much like my dog pet parents spoil their companion. The kitties have toys to play with, special meal time treats and the human touch that almost all pets seek. When a cat’s parent leaves they can feel abandoned just like a dog goes through separation anxiety.

It is important to provide your kitty with their basic needs when being away for more than 48 hours. Some cats require a human visit every other day, but some require multiple visits due to medication needs and simply because the pet parent wants to keep their loved one on their daily schedule.

Food, a constant source of fresh water and cleaning of the litter box are top priorities for our furry friends. After all who would want to use a toilet that hasn’t been flushed in several days. I dare say not many of us. Our cats feel the same way. This is a good time to find a professional pet sitter to come in and take care of your fur baby. The professional pet sitter should check food, water and clean the litter box to ensure the very basic needs of your furry family are met.

Cats also need human contact. Most cats look for affection from their pet parents and family. They come for petting on their terms of course and they look for play time. Play time is very important! This helps to stimulate their minds and provide physical exercise. In most cases cats like to play with simple inexpensive toys like an open box, a paper bag or small toy. Toys should be changed out regularly to keep our kitties from getting bored. They also enjoy having a place to scratch. Most pet parents prefer it not to be their furniture. Providing a kitty scratcher is ideal. Cats will also seek a special perch that can be anywhere from sitting by a window on the back of a chair to hanging out on a cat condo watching “kitty TV’. The two best things you can give your cat are Love and Playtime.

One last final note. Grooming is essential to the health and bonding with your cat. Some cats simply do not like to be brushed. If you choose to get a kitten start grooming at an early age to get them used to the feel of the brush or comb. This gives you an opportunity to not only bond with your baby, but also to check for fleas, discover lumps or any injuries. Cats are very good at hiding when they are not feeling well! Clipping your kitty’s nails is also important to will stop the nail from growing into your fur babies’ paws. This can be extremely uncomfortable for them.

When planning that extended weekend or the last summer get away don’t forget your cat needs love too! Schedule time with your local pet sitter like myself to come in and make sure all is with your baby. All of the essential needs will be taken care including the TLC time that they crave.

*Personal experience*

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