Cat Visits

Cats need attention! Food and water too, we suppose. But mostly the first thing!

cat visits in fort mill

Is your cat lonely? Acting out and in need of attention?

Cats can be some of our most affectionate and loving furry babies, and they need TLC just as much as any other pet — especially if they’re lonely, bored, and in need of some attention while you’re away.

And if you have a kitten or a momma cat with a new litter, your feline family needs even more care to ensure they’re happy and healthy!

Cat parents know that even the quieter, more sedentary kitties need stimulation and playtime in order to thrive and be comfortable. That’s why we customize our service to suit your cat's personality, providing 20 minutes for shy, quiet cats and 20-30 minutes for more outgoing felines! We will feed your furry baby, make sure they have fresh water, clean their litter pan, and give them the undivided attention and affection they deserve!

Why Choose Us To Care For Your Cat?

Cats need love and attention just as much as any other pet — they're susceptible to boredom, loneliness, and depression too, which makes regular visits for cuddles and treats an important part of their day. Many of our clients have told us how their cats' behavior has improved over time, showing that a little extra attention can go a long way toward improving their mental health and quality of life. Whether your cat loves games and playtime or prefers a warm lap and cozy affection, we love nothing more than giving them the one-on-one time they deserve!

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Our Services

What is your pet lacking? Exercise? Attention? A chauffeur to take them to appointments? Our wide range of services can be tailored just for you and your loved one!

Pet sitting services in Fort Mill and Tega Cay
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Dog Walking

Let us help your dog stay fit and healthy and keep the stress at bay with a full 30 minutes of walking and playing. Thirty minutes of daily exercise will help your pet to be more relaxed.

stay & play pet services

Stay & Play

Sometimes a pet parent with a secured backyard will feel that a walk is not necessary but the pet will still need to be let out of its crate for a while for exercise and a potty break.

cat visits in fort mill

Cat Visits

Cats can be some of our most affectionate and loving furry babies, and they need TLC just as much as any other pet — especially if they’re lonely & bored.

Small animal pet care near Ft. Mill

Small Animal Care

From finned friends to feathered companions and all those with scales in between, we've got you covered for small animal care! Whether you need daily check-ins or extended care while you're away, trust us to keep your beloved pets happy and well-cared for.

pet taxi

Pet Taxi

We all know how frustrating it can be to try and get the time off from our busy work lives to take our pets to the veterinarian or groomer. If your schedule doesn’t allow for this freedom, please call TLC Pet Services of Fort Mill.

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We're happy to chat with you about your pet's needs! Let's develop a plan and schedule that suits you and your pet best. Complete a short form and we'll contact you to schedule a time to connect.

Pet sitting services in Tega Cay
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