Cat Services

Cat_ServicesCat Visits

Cats can be some of our most affectionate and loving furry babies and they need TLC like any other pet. Cats also need stimulation and play in order to thrive and be happy and comfortable. Our Cat Visit service provides your independent little friend with 30 minutes of our undivided attention. We will feed your furry baby and provide fresh water, clean the littler pan, and play, pet, and purr with them.

Overnight Stays

Eliminate the stress and worry of boarding your cat with our in-home overnight stays. This allows your furry family members to keep their routine with the added bonus of being in their own familiar surroundings while you are away. This is a full 12 hours of TLC and care for your feline loved one! We will play in the evening and the morning, have dinner, breakfast and treats! There will be play time, cuddle time, clean litter, and all the TLC your furry family member needs. We also allow your four legged family member to keep their sleep routine. If that means sharing the bed and the pillow too then that is what we will do!

Pet Taxi

We all know how frustrating it can be to try and get the time off from our busy work lives to take our pets to the veterinarian or groomer. If your schedule doesn’t allow for this freedom, please call TLC Pet Services of Fort Mill. We can take your cat to their vet appointment or to the salon for grooming. Your feline friend will feel so pampered when we pick it up and take it to its destination. We can do a simple drop-off and pick-up or we can even stay for the duration of their visit. Call us for details.