Furry Friend of the Month

Goldie pet clientGoldie- July 2017

In April 2012, a co-worker asked Goldie’s (future) pet mom if anybody wanted “a puppy”.  She said no, because she didn’t want to potty train.  Then the co-worker said she thought the doggie was 4 years old, and a yorkie. Goldie’s pet mom had been wanting a yorkie!  Thinking 3-4 pounds, cute, snuggly and potty trained!

When her new family went to pick her up, she weighed about 10 pounds and was not all yorkie, by any means!  Come to find out, she was a puppy mill dog, whom the owner thought she could start a new breed of Papillion and yorkie mix.  She had been bred all the early years of her life. Now the owner didn’t want her anymore. . . .

They couldn’t resist, though not what they were expecting.  Goldie immediately took to her pet dad first (since he worked from home), and then warmed up to her pet mom on the weekends, and when he went out of town.

Goldie is this family’s 4th “rescue” and the most intelligent baby they’ve had!  She knows many phrases and commands, including, “go get a drink of water”, “are you ready for a road trip?”, “go find your ball”, “ go downstairs potty”, and her fave: “let’s go for a golf cart ride!”.

She definitely has entertained and loved them for 5 years now, and they feel that their lives have been saved!

Thank you Goldie and your pet parents for being part of our TLC family and Furry Friend of the Month.